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Operated by Fleming SAC

 Located in the C wing of the Sutherland Campus the Steele Centre Pub provides a laid back, fun and interactive space for students to come and enjoy. Known for weekly events, themed celebrations and our 3 Penny Lager beer come check out YOUR student space on campus.
The Steele Centre staff are here to ensure the safety of our patrons.
Please Drink Responsibly.

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Steele centre rental information

Steele centre rental information

Steele centre rental information


The Steele Centre Pub offers a unique space to host events, anniversaries, holiday parties and more.

We have a fully licensed bar, 10m x 6m stage with audio (full P.A. & lights) to accommodate 250 people. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger our Steele Centre space can accommodate up to 250 people for dining and the Pub can be used for activities and socializing.
On site catering is available to ensure all details are taken care of and your event is a success. We are always happy to help you find entertainment, photographers and other services required. If you would like more information regarding hosting your own event, please fill out the information below and we will be in contact.

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